What to Wear to a Wedding in San Miguel: Wedding Outfits for Men

San Miguel de Allende has become a destination for romance! Increasingly national and international couples choose the heart of Mexico for its charm, its streets, its architecture and the magic that surrounds this beautiful place!

Spring and summer are the seasons of weddings in this colonial gem and sure you will be invited to one of them so we give you 3 options that can help you look formal but with an artistic and fun touch!

Take advantage of the wonderful freedom of color and artistic spirit surrounding San Miguel de Allende to find the perfect outfit for you. Check out the options below!

  1. Chances are, your suit jacket is going to come off—as soon as you sit down to eat—and spend the rest of the night on the back of the chair. So pick a tie that gives color to your outfit so you’ll still look put together.


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  1. Khaki pants are a spring/summer staple. This notion that black looks good with everything is definitely true, and khaki are one of the beneficiaries. Dark and deep tones allow the neutral and sober color of khakis striking again.

Dia de Muertos Negro

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  1. Prints are a great way to keep a simple but still elegant look. Cotton floral pattern is perfect for an informal wedding in San Miguel de Allende!


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