“Ernesto, we are honored to support your artistry and feature your chairs and spoons, can’t wait to see them!”

Rik Blyth, General Manager

“You must go to Patrice’s store Abrazos. It’s amazing they have a gift for everyone wonderful clothing for the kids and she is a fair trade store she supports families who live in San Miguel and they are the most talented seamstresses I’ve ever seen and trust me I have worked with the best!”


“What I love about Abrazos robes is that the sleeves are narrower than kimono sleeves. The robe has the style and comfort of a traditional kimono and the sleeves are easy to roll up – meaning they won’t get in the way when I wash my face or get too close to the stove!”

What a wondrous statement!  What  a wonderful artist!  What a stupendous man!

Gloria Bernatonis, author and mother, Bucks County, PA

To give is painless, with a heart of compassion and kindness… To create, is the spirit one finds within the listening and seeing… And time, and age, are without boundaries when found in that dimension. Gracias, Ernesto! For letting us see, the gifts you have recieved, and shared. All the while, You, knowing you have been blessed. James Milton Smith, poet, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico



Thank you for sharing this beautiful and amazing statement . It expresses that we have desires and talent that need to be expressed and with the encouragement and support of loved ones, our courage is encouraged!
Bravo Ernesto and bravo to Patrice who loves and believes in you!!!
Suzy and Paul Gellert, New York City

“What an extraordinary man of grace.. love and the biggest heart.   … he never ceases to amaze me with his generosity and open hearted creativity.”
Bobbi Van, artist, San Miguel de Allende

What a beautiful artist. Full of love, humility and soul.

Kathy Kenny, painter, Oakland, CA
Ernesto, thank you so for laying out your life and your return to Mexico to begin a new chapter.  It has been so exciting to see you find your passion and see it explode!  And you are giving back too – a generous and talented painter.  Bet this will keep growing….fantastic.
Kathy Sulkes, former TV producer??, San Miguel de Allende
I haven’t been able to take my eyes off the wonderful spoon you were willing to part with. It really is terrific and we are going to hang it in our kitchen.
The workmanship on it is truly amazing. I am so proud to have it. My friends who have seen it this far are blown away by it. Thank you so much.
I am hoping it will be an inspiration for me.

Arthur Richter, Cape Cod