“Thank you Abrazos — finally 7 hours sleep per night! Since these magical Sleep Masks crept into my life — just the right comfort — just the right imagery — for dreaming of icons (Frida!) — for dreaming of colors — for dreaming of other lands — nothing takes it’s place. And I have tried many others. Like with my irreplaceable blanket when I was a baby, your Sleep Masks send me to never never dream land as an adult.

Maryjane Fahey, New York City
Influencer. Creator
Glorious Broads
IG @gloriousbroads

Patrice Wynne has become my favorite designer, and that says A LOT, after working for Vogue Magazine.  My requirements are clothes that well made, stylish and practical, use only natural fabrics, are super comfortable and conscious.  I want to support women and businesses that support the local community.  And I want to look and feel good.  I don’t know what I would do without Patrice’s dresses and robes.  I live in them and they fulfill all my requirements!  Thank you Abrazos, your brilliant seamstresses and Patrice’s awesome designs!”
Author & Founder of Love Daily,

Sunne Justice, Panana

“Abrazos table napkins are fabulous to enhance your breakfast, lunch or dinner table???.”
Mark Bastian, Baker & Cook,
San Miguel de Allende

“Compliments on the suburb workmanship on my order of The Abrazos Patchwork Aprons. Beautiful stitching and finishing. And great service—my order arrived in two days GTO to OAX!”
Kalisa Wells, Cocinera de Comida Mexicana, Oaxaca.

The Abrazos package arrived yesterday, amazingly fast delivery.  All this staying home doesn’t inspire dressing up but clothes remain important. This robe is “just what the doctor ordered.” I can sit and walk around at home in it knowing I am wearing something special — well designed fabric turned into a lovely comfortable robe by very skilled hands. The bathrobe fits just right, and the New York fabric and robe design are just what I was hoping for.  Please tell the very skilled seamstress Felisa that I am so thankful to her.
> Suzanne C. Ouellette
> Painter, New York

Hands down the best and most comfortable and breathable face mask I have tried. I tried several early in the pandemic. Love the Abrazos face masks, excellent quality, beautifully made and they hold up over several washings. I hand wash and they quick dry by morning. Love the fact that you get a good seal with the elastic straps and no painful ear loops! Cheerful and vibrant patterns. I’ve gifted some to my family members as well and they loved them too!
Nora Baynes
Altamont, NY

Not only are the masks beautiful and comfortable, Patrice has come to the rescue of EdCaminos, a free children’s after school tutoring program in San Miguel de Allende. For weeks she has gifted our families with beautiful masks. Our families were sharing one mask due to financial constraints. Thanks to Patrice’s generosity ( and huge heart) we have been able to gift all of our families with enough masks for the entire family! We will be forever grateful!!
Shannon Shaffer
San Miguel de Allende

The Mexican families were so proud to be able to put on the beautiful Abrazos masks after collecting their food donations. Often there are many people in the families and they have to share very thin masks. They couldn’t believe that they could walk away with something so beautiful as yours. From the bottom of our hearts EdCaminos is so grateful for you and all the seamstresses and employees of Abrazos for your generosity!
Shannon Shaffer and Sonia Araiz
Co-Directors, Ed Caminos

Faster than a speeding train. The masks arrived last night and are fabulous.  The best. Wore  one this morning walking the dog in style.
Julia Marcus
New York City

Thank you so much for the GREAT service and the GREAT masks. Our son is proud to wear his when he distributes food at the food bank.
Bill & Brenda Neal
Houston, Texas

My husband and I love our masks. Gotten a number of compliments along the way. I find they are not as difficult to breathe through and are so easy to wash.
Toni & Joaquin Ullman-Lozano
Bronx, New York

Love my masks. A stunning collection. They don’t fade after they’ve been washed many times, are a ton more comfortable than those that wrap around your ears, and they cheer me up when I put them on. And who couldn’t use some good cheer these days?
Amy Cotler
San Miguel de Allende

I have bought eight masks, for myself and my mother. Not only are these masks beautiful, they are very comfortable. I like how the straps fit around/on top of the head, so you don’t get that behind the ear pain you get with other masks. They are super easy to clean, and dry quickly. Support a community, support your health and the health of others, through the purchase of these gorgeous handmade masks from Abrazos!
Cynthia Holcomb
Hamilton, New Jersey

My entire staff at Hotel Casa Encantada in Patzcuaro, Mexico has the fashionable and functional masks designed by Patrice Wynne in her unique style with the gorgeous fabrics. The order was delivered fast early in the pandemic. We all LOVE them! It actually makes it fun to be safe.
Victoria Ryan
Casa Encantada, Patzcuaro

We love, love, love our face masks. We have sent two large shipments to our family in Michigan. Everyone is thrilled to wear them. Well made, stylish and easy to clean. I change my mask to match my outfit. I will soon purchase more. Thank you to your incredible team. We do not leave the house without them.
Katie McClimans
San Miguel de Allende

We love our Abrazos masks! And we love the spirit behind them: keeping the community safe and employed at the same time.
Carol Brown
Orinda, CA

Thank you Patrice for sharing these beauties with us during a very difficult time. Not only are you supporting the wearing of face masks which is so important during this pandemic but you are adding a touch of beauty and support of local women who are supporting their families during this very difficult time.”
Cathy Platin
Bend, Oregon

I don’t leave home without the Abrazos Face Masks. I own 2 dozen of them.
Matt Grant
San Miguel de Allende

The Abrazos Face Masks are wonderful, best we have tried. All members of my family, myself and friends have several. We love them.
Jan Kallish
Chicago, IL

My friends and family have all loved their masks from Abrazos! Thank you for all your hard work!
Kathy Wheems Schlagal
San Miguel de Allende

Masks are so, so, so, so beautiful and beautifully made! Please tell the Abrazos seamstresses who sew the masks just how lovely they are.
Donna Ferina
Berkeley, CA

I love Abrazos face masks. Have bought them for myself, my husband, my neighbors, and a few friends. I buy a few patterns, then let friends pick which one best suits them. They make great gifts!
Ann Kuffner
San Miguel de Allende

Everything about my two Abrazos masks is perfect- beautiful fabrics (one is Milagros and other is Guadalupe)- they are comfortable, wash and dry easily and get compliments. Plus they just have fabulous energy in them!
Victoria Ritchie
Mill Valley, CA

Once again Abrazos supports the community – local workers feeding their families while keeping San Miguel safe in fun, fashionable style. Patrice knew that when women work they lift up the entire extended family.
Liz Dietz
Napa, California

Jake and I adore our masks and receive many compliments about them! You and your seamstresses do lovely work!
Charlotte Kyle
St Helens, Oregon

I live in Bend, Oregon and have visited Mexico many times. I was thrilled to see such beautiful masks being made in San Miguel de Allende coming from seamstresses at “Abrazos”. I immediately ordered 5 and shared some with my friends who are all Spanish speakers and Mexico aficionados. We all love them and get so many compliments whenever we are out and about wearing them. They are beautifully made and fit our faces safely.
Cathy Platin
Bend, Oregon

Great masks – you won’t find any more stylish than these, w/ colorful fabric & unique design. We wash & wear ours often & they hold up beautifully. Best of all, local seamstresses have kept their jobs by making these high-quality masks.
Gaia Schilke
San Miguel de Allende

We love our Abrazos masks. They’re beautiful and they work. We’ve gotten many compliments on then here in NYC. Thank you!
Joanna Cotler
New York City

Love my 2, one with my favorite beers the other with tequilas.
David Bryant
San Miguel de Allende

We have several! Love the Fridas!
Laura Romano
Wimberly, Texas